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Американские железные дороги. 1913-1960. Видео.

16 фильмов в 25 частях, рассказывающих об истории американских железных дорог и об их влиянии на экономику. На англицкой мове. Смотреть, как говорится, не пересмотреть:)

1. California State Fair Highlights. 1913
Includes stunt in which two railroad locomotives collide head-on.

2. Completion of Northwestern Pacific Rail Road. Parts I, II. 1914
Golden Spike ceremonies and celebration for the completion of the Northwestern Pacific Rail Road, October 23-25, 1914. Filmed in Willits, Cain Rock, Arcata and Eureka, California.

3. Redwood Empire Special and Lumber Mills. 1914
Condensed version of Golden Spike Celebration on 10/23/14 for the completion of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, held at Cain Rock, Humboldt County, California.

4. A Great Railroad at Work. Parts I, II, III. 1942
Everything there is to know about the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

5. Troop Train. 1943
Evocative World War II-era film following a troop train: the coordination of effort; its staging and assembly of cars, cargo and passengers; its heavily guarded journey through the American countryside; and the food, sleep, exercise, training, drilling and recreation of its soldier-passengers.

6. New Horizons. 1948
The "story of a new South whose roots are embedded deep in the honored tradition of the old." Shows the economy of the Southeast, white and African American workers, cities, and daily life, all in the context of railroad business and operations. Producer and Director: Carl Dudley. Script: Herman Boxer.

7. Desert Empire. Parts I, II, II. ca.1948
Railroad tour through the state of Utah, stopping off at many natural attractions and in Salt Lake City. Shows Bingham and other towns in Utah. Director: Carlton T. Sills

8. This Is My Railroad. Parts I, II. 1940s
Operations of the Southern Pacific Railroad, with many images of the territory that it serves. With excellent footage of snow management and removal operations in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

9. Wheels of Progress. 1950
Operations of the Rock Island Lines. Includes shots of high-speed "Rocket" freight trains; the operation of classification yards; and scenes of agricultural and industrial areas served by the railroad. Writer and Director: John A. McGee.

10. The Big Train. Parts I, II. ca.1950s
Operations of the New York Central Railroad. Producer and director: Victor Solow. Introduced by NYCRR president Alfred E. Perlman.

11. At This Moment. Parts I, II. 1954
Importance of railroads to 1950s America. Directed by Haford Kerbawy.

12. Big Trains Rolling. 1955
Railroads and how they keep the U.S. economy rolling.

13. The Passenger Train (Second Edition). 1955
A young boy travels from Chicago, Illinois to Lamy, New Mexico via passenger train.

14. Days of Our Years. 1955
Disturbing and sometimes maudlin trilogy of accidents and their effects on railroad workers and their families, shot with virtuosity in working-class Los Angeles.

15. Mainline U.S.A. 1957
Importance of railroads in the U.S. economy, with many great running views of freight and passenger trains.

16. Beef Rings the Bell. Parts I, II. ca.1960s
Beef's importance to American society and economy, and the Union Pacific Railroads's importance to the beef industry.
















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